André Hazes: ‘I will never abandon my child’

André and Monique traveled to Bonaire at the end of February and although the snapshots on Instagram suggest otherwise, André tells RTL Boulevard that it was no longer between them then. “Monique was there for the dogs and I was just there for vacation,” he says honestly. “It was true that we wanted to get married there, but when we got there I thought: that is not going to happen anymore.”

It was actually already bumblebee before the trip, says Dré: “We had a lot of arguments, but before that it went very well. I even proposed to her. That was the ultimate love symbol for me: I want to go for you unconditionally. But after that it got out of hand … It turned out to be not enough. ”

The bomb exploded on Bonaire. “Then I said: the moment we are in the Netherlands I pack my things. I also slept there separately, so it strikes me that she now writes: it is a surprise.”

What also comes as a surprise is Monique’s statement. According to Dré, the fork is very different in the handle. He says: “The day before yesterday I applauded Monique that we had to bring it to the media, but she wanted to wait with that and then Story with it. Then she made a painful statement that I have left the family. ”

“I thought that was perhaps the most intense thing about her post: he is leaving his family,” he continues. “But I will never leave my child (…) At the moment there is no contact and that makes sense, but I hope it will not take too long, because I really want to see my son.”

The accusations therefore hurt the Hazes scion. “I had to tell her that I was working and therefore had to sleep somewhere else. I really wanted to tell Dré, but if she thinks this is the best for Dré, I want to cooperate.”

Fortunately André is not completely alone and he finds support the 25-year-old daughter of his good friend Ruud. The two met just before the singer got into a relationship with Bridget. “Sarah and I were both in the worst times of our lives at the time. She then went to rehab because of a drug addiction and then we discussed how beautiful our lives can be in a different way.”

However, he emphasizes that he has no relationship with her. “I have no other relationship, but she is a very nice woman (…) But I am a guy who is not well alone, so I do not rule out anything.”

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