Amsterdam fathers concerned about cruise ship that has been emitting smoke for weeks

A group of 250 fathers from Amsterdam has had enough of the inconvenience they experience from a docked cruise ship. Since mid-March, clouds of smoke have been coming from the ship and are blowing over Amsterdam. Because the Amsterdammers wanted to know exactly what the ship is emitting, they commissioned an investigation themselves.

The fathers, who have joined together in an app group, are concerned about the effects of the clouds of smoke on their children. “I just became a father and if you know that one in five children in the Netherlands gets asthma due to air pollution, you do not understand that this is allowed. The toxic fumes blow in all directions,” says Tjeerd Buntsma. NH News.

To find out what’s in the smoke, the concerned fathers had research firm CE Delft find out how much harmful substances the ship at anchor produces. The results are shocking, the group finds.

31,000 trucks

The research shows that the daily emissions of the ship are equal to the emissions of 31,000 extra trucks driving a full lap on the A10 ring road, the regional broadcaster writes. In addition to large amounts of nitrogen oxides, particulate matter is also released on a large scale.

The culprit is the Marella Discovery, a ship that typically has space for 1,830 passengers and 753 crew. It is now in the port of Amsterdam for planned maintenance. In the meantime, the ship’s engine will continue to run because some 110 people are on board the ship who need power, Damen Shipyards Repairs said in a response.

It is common for the crew to stay on board, the shipyard explains Parool. “The ship runs on the smallest engine,” says Damen director Tjeerd Schulting. According to him, mainly steam comes from the chimney, but he also says that the engines do not run as clean as they can because they are actually built for about 2,000 people on board.

Shore power

The fact that the engines have to keep running is, according to the director, because the energy infrastructure in the Netherlands is not yet so far that this can be solved with shore-based steam. If a ship can use shore power, the engines can be switched off.

The fathers find it incomprehensible that such polluting ships should be allowed to lie in the center of Amsterdam. They point to other world cities where shore power is available to avoid these kinds of problems. In response to questions from NH Nieuws, the municipality of Amsterdam refers to the North Sea Canal Area Environmental Service. He is still considering a response.

Yet the end of the problems is near, the maintenance of the Marella Discovery is now almost finished. The ship will leave the port on Friday.

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