Amsterdam cash transport robbers wore bulletproof vests

This is reported by various investigative sources surrounding the investigation RTL Boulevard and the AD.

The robbery took place on May 19 this year, when a Brink’s value transport drove into the Schöne Edelmetaal building on Meeuwenlaan in Noord. The secured car not only contained valuables from Schöne Edelmetaal, but also from other companies. One load of more than 62 million euros and a load of more than 5 million euros. At least 12.2 million euros was taken by the robbers, the police were able to return 9.4 million euros to Brink’s.

The violent robbery made a big impression on eyewitnesses. Reina Beets ducked into a closet when the robbers drove into her garden:

It became apparent earlier that the robbery was well prepared when this site announced that the robbers were already driving around in picturesque Broek in Waterland in the morning before the brutal robbery to explore the escape route and put down escape cars. A number of other suspects were still staying in a safehouse in Antwerp at the time, and then left for Amsterdam after a visit to Brussels.

The suspects stayed at various locations near the precious metal company, after which they struck. Upon arrival, the suspects loaded twenty-two packages into the waiting vehicles: fifteen in the Porsche Cayenne and seven in the Audi. It is unknown if they took all the loot and how much was eventually recovered.

After transferring the millions of loot, the suspects fled, including with the Porsche and the Audi. During the bizarre chase, in which the police helicopter and many officers were deployed, the robbers fired from their vehicles.


One of the suspects allegedly shot the contents of his Kalashnikov at chasing police cars from the back of the car through the side window. The flight with two cars ended in Broek in Waterland, where the robbers switched to two waiting cars. The Porsche and Audi were set on fire. The police were so close that the robbers had no way out, one car ended up in a ditch and the other ended up in a backyard.

Camera images showed that the robbers fled from the car into the adjacent meadow. There, police officers fired on the robbers, who in turn opened fire with Kalashnikovs. A 47-year-old robber was fatally hit by a police bullet, just above his vest. The National Criminal Investigation Department is investigating the gunfight between the robbers and the police in Broek in Waterland. A spokesperson said that the aim is to complete the investigation this year.

The afternoon of the robbery, police arrested six suspects. The police investigation into the robbery, which has been given the name Yaros, is still ongoing. It focuses not only on what happened that day, but also how the robbery was prepared, what role which suspect had and whether it was an inside job.

walkie talkies

Sources surrounding the investigation say that the police are taking the latter scenario seriously. A number of the suspects have confessed to having committed the robbery, partly due to the fact that they were caught in the act. The explanations differ: one says that the cars were collected in Antwerp and that they stayed in a safe house there. Another says he was only asked to participate shortly before the robbery and that the loot would be divided afterwards. Walkie-talkies were placed in the cars for communication with each other. Some also state that due to debts and, for example, a divorce, they decided to commit the robbery. All suspects deny that they shot at the police.

The six arrested suspects will appear in public for the first time on Wednesday. The Public Prosecution Service suspects the men of attempted murder and committing a violent robbery, in which the employees were threatened and tied up with tie wraps. During the preliminary hearing, the public prosecutor will explain how the investigation is progressing and the defense will be given the opportunity to submit requests. Three robbers are still on the run, or authorities know their identities is unclear.

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