‘A free iPad or a telephone’, De Graafschap knows that opponents will receive offers

The premier league is at stake. On Wednesday evening, the decision will be taken as to who will directly promote to the highest level besides SC Cambuur. Matches against Ajax, PSV and Feyenoord on a possibly full Vijverberg again. De Graafschap craves it.

But also Go Ahead Eagles and Almere City can still go to the premier league with two points behind and a better goal difference. So they want Helmond Sport, De Graafschap’s opponent, to do everything to surprise. Behind the scenes, the people of Brabant are urged to pull out all the stops. De Graafschap knows that this is how it works.

“It will all be,” laughs attacker Van Mieghem when he is confronted with the ‘bribes’ in secret. “Stroopwafels, beer, car wash. I hear it all pass by. Well, I think we would also try it if we had been in the same situation as Go Ahead and Almere.”

Pruning goes a step further when it comes to influencing the opponent. He does not immediately dismiss the suggestion that the wealthy investor of Almere City, a club with great ambitions, can offer players from Helmond Sport premiums if they win at De Graafschap. “Encouragement is always allowed,” says the trainer. “That has almost become the rule in football.”


Snoei is aware that clubs sometimes try to motivate each other extra. “An iPad or a phone call. A nice box with content in the dressing room. That sort of thing. Yes, it still happens. Only you can never make it all really solid. But I’m not really working on it at all. We have to do it ourselves and we all have that conviction. The boys are also just very good at it. ”

Van Mieghem also mainly looks at De Graafschap itself. “Our motivation must be greater than that of the guys from Helmond Sport. We have a great goal in mind and that is to play in the premier league. Everyone is looking forward to it. You can get better contracts, you name it.”


De Graafschap recovered after the break against Young Ajax. The club from Doetinchem left dotting opportunities to secure the premier league. “The pressure must not become paralyzing,” warns Van Mieghem. “But we have a lot of guys who have been in this situation before and have played these kinds of important matches. If we put a little higher pressure, like in the second half at Jong Ajax, you also force more. Furthermore, you should not go many other things. I think. ”

Snoei: “If we play with the same conviction and appearance as after the break in Amsterdam, we will be promoted. There is a healthy tension, I am reasonably calm. We know that we will get a very good chance to win from Helmond Sport now. We have to and that’s what we’re going for. We’re going to do everything we can, I know. ”

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