58 arrests in protest Amsterdam

A large group of demonstrators were surrounded by the mobile unit on the Leidsekade in the center of Amsterdam. Just before that, the protesters had moved through the city from the Museumplein, after they had been sprayed soaked by water cannons from the police.

In the city center, the protesters were trapped and arrested. They were put on buses and moved to other parts of the city.

On Saturday, an emergency order was issued for the demonstration by the city: “A dynamic demonstration is prohibited. The triangle immediately issues an emergency order. This means that people are not allowed to demonstrate in this place and in this form. Go home.”

Amnesty director Dagmar Oudshoorn criticized mayors on Saturday for restricting the right to demonstrate. “That is what you have to watch out for in a democratic constitutional state,” said Oudshoorn, who used to hold a high position with the Amsterdam police and was mayor in Uithoorn, to Nu.nl.

The decision of Amsterdam mayor Halsema is called hypocritical because she said in an earlier BLM demo that ‘demonstrating is always allowed, even without reporting it’.

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Despite the prohibition of the police, hundreds, maybe even thousands of people gathered in the center of Amsterdam.

The group set in motion after police reported that everyone would be arrested.

When the first demonstrators were arrested, hundreds of people walked in the direction of Van Baerlestraat.

They had gathered on Museumplein to demonstrate against the corona measures. Since the protest was not notified, it was banned and the police intervened. In addition, the police also faced a line of veterans.

They had reportedly moved to the capital to “keep order” and formed a line against the agents. The Veterans Platform has distanced itself from the action and emphasizes that the people on the Museumplein did not operate on behalf of all veterans.

The veterans’ club was not alone in feeling compelled to make an explanation. Some protesters wore a red and white band with a cross on their arm on Saturday. The international aid organization says on Twitter that it has nothing to do with the demonstration on the Museumplein, and condemns any abuse of the emblem. The organization warns that the Red Cross symbol may not just be used by others, and that this is even punishable. “To ensure that the red cross remains a neutral symbol, it is important that third parties do not just use this emblem. This is therefore even prohibited in peacetime according to article 435c of the Criminal Code. ”


The Museumplein was previously designated as a safety risk area. This allows the police to carry out preventive searches. The Museumplein has recently been the scene of unannounced demonstrations every week, in which riots have broken out several times.

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